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1小時室內旗袍照相館拍攝1hr Indoor QiPao Photography

#Qipao #Cheongsam #photography

  • 1 h
  • 3,080 Hong Kong dollars
  • Queen's Road Central

Service Description

<1小時室內旗袍照相館拍攝1hr Indoor QiPao Photography> * 拍攝費用:首1小時HKD$3080 (包全部數碼相片) * 另加時間30分鐘HKD$1000 服裝及髮型設計 (自備同價): 成人: HKD300 / 一套(每位另加 $100多一套服裝) 小童: HKD200 / 一套(每位另加 $100多一套服裝) 寵物免費(自備服飾) * 包配飾及拍攝道具提供 * 室內拍攝有鞋履提供,亦可自備鞋履 * 所有套餐均會提供全部數碼已調色相片, 約拍攝後3-4星期製作時間,如需加急處理請先查詢議價 * 加時另加$1000/30分鐘 * 另加$100 多一套花布旗袍/男士服裝 * 另加$1380 可製作20頁 8x12寸相 * 精修相片(肥廋暇疵)$100/張 * 可加$1000 轉婚紗/婚嫁旗袍系列 可另加化妝服務: * 女士全彩妝服務(連底妝)另加每位HKD480 *男士/小童基本妝容修飾另加每位HKD280 <Indoor Cheongsam Photo Studio> * Shooting fee: HKD$3080 for the first 1 hour (including all digital photos) * Additional 30 minutes HKD$1000 Clothing and Hairstyling (same price as self-bred): Adult: HKD300 / set (additional $100 per person for an extra set of clothing) Children: HKD200 / set (additional $100 per person for a set of clothing) Pets free (bring your own clothing) * Package accessories and shooting props provided * Shoes are provided for indoor shooting, or you can bring your own shoes * All packages will provide all digitally toned photos, The production time is about 3-4 weeks after shooting, if you need urgent processing, please check the price first * Extra time plus $1000/30 minutes * Additional $100 for a set of calico cheongsam/men's clothing * Add $1380 to make 20 pages of 8x12 inch photos * Refined photos (fat, thin and flawed) $100/photo * $1000 can be added to the wedding dress/wedding cheongsam series Make-up service can be added: * Ladies’ full make-up service (including base makeup) plus HKD480 per person *Basic make-up for men/children plus HKD280 per person

Cancellation Policy

注意事項 (1) 若延遲原定預約時間15分鐘則無法進行簡易盤髮服務,若延遲原定預約時間30分鐘,則視同取消服務,訂金不作退回 (2) 如有產生服裝污跡或破損或遺失,將照價賠償。 (3) 店內提供個人專屬置物袋,除貴重物品外可寄放個人物品與衣物,但若超出置物袋之大小需寄放時,則將酌收行李寄放費$50/件 (4) 超時將收取HKD 100 / day, 翌日18:00前歸還 Notice: (2) Please on time. If you delay the scheduled appointment time by 15 minutes, we will not be able to accommodate you for the Basic Hair Design Service. If you delay the scheduled appointment time by 30 minutes or above, your appointment will be cancelled without any refund. (3) Please take good care of our QiPao and accessories. If there is any clothing stain or damage, the deep cleaning and repairing fee will be charged between HKD200-500 (4) Personal storage bag is provided in the store. Personal items and clothes can be stored except for valuables. However, if the size of the storage bag is exceeded, the baggage allowance fee will be collected. (5) Overtime will need to charge HKD100/day, return before 18:00 next day. 取消條款:若您已付訂金,將無法退回訂金費用,但1日前接受改期 Cancellation Policy: Non-refundable, but we accept reschedule 1day before.

Contact Details

  • Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

    + +85268880825

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