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旗袍 Qipao





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Qipao which began in the 1920s and began popular in the 1930s, was beginning to realize that equality between men and women was not about learning as a man, but about showing the beauty of a woman's unique power. Qipao has become self-cultivation during this period, Qipao neckline height, sleeve length, the height of the slits, showing the beauty of women and curves, began to focus on women's body, body, showing the feminine temperament and soft.

After a century of historical change, what we now call the "traditional" Qipao, the cheongsam symbolizes the most avant-garde trend in less than a century.

In today's daily life, few people wear Qipao, however, those film festivals, those international conferences, always active Qipao figure, can be said to be a popular phenomenon, but behind a Qipao implies not only the popular convergence, as well as Chinese cultural identity。

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